Tuesday, September 29, 2009

...And All That Jazz Remix feat. Jack of All Trades (Prod. Jack of All Trades)

OKAY!!! I am finally getting ready (sort of) to drop this new mixtape: Got Malk? The Mixtape Pt. 2! All the production is all set...there will be tracks from Vinylcologist, Raw Threat, PJ Katz, and Jack of All Trades. There will be 16 tracks on the mixtape and I'm producing 8 or 9 of them (depending on what I use for the intro...) Anyway...here is the first leak off the mixtape "...And All of That Jazz Remix" featuring and produced by your freindly neighborhood scotch sipper: Jack of All Trades. This can be heard on Lofi Lobo's radio show: The Capitol Coupe every Friday night 10-Midnight on 90.9 WCDB FM...iiight enough bullshit...Track is below in the micro mini player...download and bump...

P.S. Yes the mixtape is free, will have ALL ORIGINAL PRODUCTION, is more like a mini album, and will have a special packaging for the local heads and be available worldwide on digital release as well! Peace!!!


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