Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jack of All Trades - Rawthentic (LP)

For those that do not know, Jack is a good friend of mine and one of the major influences on my decision to start making beats. Back in January of '08 when we started working on our collaborative album, Local To Global, he gave me his old EPS 16+ keyboard and the rest was history. Now it's 2010 and after 10+ years of doing beats and rhymes, Jack has finally released his debut LP, Rawthentic. This 19 track album is entirely produced by Jack and features guest appearances from myself, The Vinylcologist, Ed Powers, Vice Versa, Don Smog, Shyste, Manorizm, Animal Cracker, S_Man, Sween, Icabod Chang, Flux Axiom, Mista Pigz, The Mangler, and SPOD. I am proud to release this album on my imprint, Degenerate Gamblers Music, and will continue to both support and work with Jack for as long as possible. I know he has some big production placements coming up that will be sure to build his reputation as of the best producers in Hip-Hop. I can't give any specifics just yet, but it is safe to say that Jack has a bright future ahead of him. Congrats Jack, all the hard work is beginning to pay off. Tracklist and Stream below.

<a href="">Intro by Jack of All Trades</a>

01. Intro
02. Rawthentic
03. Every-Weight Champ
04. Basement Basics (Feat. The Vinylcologist)
05. Put Up Or Shut Up
06. Pay Some Dues
07. Hip Hop Is Endless
08. Don’t Sleep (Feat. Don Smog, Animal Cracker & The Vinylcologist)
09. Only The Strong
10. Don’t Even
11. The Moldan
12. The Masters of Ceremony (Feat. Big Malk, The Vinylcologist, Don Smog, Ed Powers, Animal Cracker, S_Man, Manorizm, Vice Versa, Shyste, Flux Axiom, SPOD, Icabod Chang, The Mangler, Mista Pigz, Sween)
13. Jack Flash
14. All The Way (Feat. Big Malk)
15. Pros-N-Cons
16. Roll Reverse (Feat. The Vinylcologist) (Co-Prod. Vinylcologist)
17. Jack Da Rippa
18. Get Over You (Feat. Big Malk and The Vinylcologist)
19. Jackpot

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