Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Revisted: Big Malk - Got Malk? The Mixtape (2008)

Earlier tonight I was talking to Nucc because he sent me this, which had me laughing for ten minutes straight. Nucc was saying how he MAY want to make a quick comeback to rapping and I sent him two beats that Jack of All Trades did for us back in 2008. Then, for reasons unkown, I started listening to my Got Malk? The Mixtape mixtape, which was the first installment in my "Got Malk?" campaign. Anyway, I was listening and discovered that the very first track Jack and I ever collaborated on, "New Sheriff In Town," was on that mixtape. So, as a treat, I am sharing this mixtape with the world. I was always skeptic about dropping this for the masses because right after I dropped this, we were finishing up Local To Global and Jack was teaching me how to do beats and the mixtape was 1/2 original production and 1/2 industry beats. After I made my first beat I was like: "I am NOT using any industry beats anymore!" Yea, so, there. Download the tape here.

Big Malk - New Sheriff In Town (Prod. by Jack of All Trades) by Big Malk's World

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