Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Plutonium Cover Art, Release Date, Tracklist & "Tarantino (Feat. elsphinx)" Stream!

Warning! Plutonium is the highly toxic debut LP from the dynamic duo of Big Malk & Sime Gezus. Experience this radioactive material on July 16th!

Pre-order now available here!


01. Area 51
02. Problems
03. Por Favor
04. Tarantino (Feat. elsphinx)
05. Purified Absinthe
06. Count Your Blessings
07. Love Is Love (Feat. Dood Computer)
08. Time Forgot
09. Trophy
10. Aids
11. Roof Tops (Feat. Sev Statik)
12. Far From Perfect
13. Spud Webb (Feat. DJ Modesty)

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