Monday, October 14, 2013

Big Malk & Sime Gezus - Pu 94 EP

What's up world!?! Today is my 29th birthday and I wanted to give you all a gift!

Pu 94 is an EP of nuclear audio by the dynamic duo of Big Malk & Sime Gezus.

The EP is made up of 7 tracks: 2 unreleased joints left over from the Plutonium recording sessions ("Bein' Real" & "Blog World"), 2 brand new joints ("Cam Newton" & "Alive"), and 3 previous released tracks mixed and mastered for CD ("UFA (United For All)," "The Kid," & "Who's Earrings").

Fans can also purchase a Deluxe Edition Mini LP Sleeve CD containing the EP and EP instrumentals!

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